Physiotherapist’s appointment

During the appointment, the physiotherapist can find a solution for a variety of complaints associated with the musculo-skeletal system, for example, pain that restricts daily activities or doing sport, decrease in muscle performance, an obstructed joint, or other problem.

The most common reasons why people go to see a physiotherapist are muscle tension, pain in the neck area and lower back or aching shoulder and knee joints.

What is the physiotherapist going to do?

The physiotherapist is going to assess your functional abilities and explain how to improve them, give advice and recommend aids. To improve the patient’s ability, the therapist uses individually chosen therapeutic exercises, manual techniques, taping, physical therapy methods, etc.

The physiotherapy process consists of the following stages: physiotherapeutic assessment, physiotherapy planning, treatment and assessing the results.

Preparation for the appointment

Please wear comfortable sports clothes or take them with you to the appointment with a physiotherapist.

A referral for the appointment is not necessary.

Information and registration

Tondi 84/3 (3rd floor of Audentes School)
11316 Tallinn
Phone: +372 699 6515, +372 699 6545

Karulaugu tee 13 (2nd floor of Karulaugu Sport Center)
74001 Haabneeme
Phone: +372 6557056

The patient’s personal ID code is necessary for registration.

In case you need to cancel the appointment / examination, please inform the appointment desk at Spordimeditsiini SA at least 24 hours in advance. When a patient fails to arrive for the appointment / health examination without cancelling it in advance, Spordimeditsiini SA shall reserve the right not to provide further services to the patient until the patient has paid for the missed appointment/examination according to the valid price list.


Priit Ailt

Sirli Hinn

Katre Lust-Mardna

Anastassia Šipilova

Kristiina Lind

Liina Latt  (on parental leave)

Physiotherapists’ appointments take place in cooperation with Füsioteraapia Kliinik OÜ.


Initial physiotherapy appointment45 minutes45 €
Repeated physiotherapy appointment45 minutes35 €
Physiotherapy appointment for children / pensioners45 minutes35 €
Physiotherapist’s consultation30 minutes25 €
Kinesio taping1 area15 €
Dynamic taping1 area20 €