Massage and manual therapy

Massage helps the body recover after physical exertion, heal after injuries and get into better shape for movement. We offer general massage, local area massage and manual therapy.

What for are massage and manual therapy needed?

Massage and manual therapy use techniques and methods developed for ameliorating functional impairments of the musculo-skeletal system. Such impairments are mainly manifested as muscle and joint pain, muscle stiffness or weakness. In addition to that, a joint may be obstructed, and in more serious cases a nerve may be pinched.

To determine the cause of the problem, the therapist uses manual mobility and strength tests, functional tests and palpation. Depending on the identified problem, the therapist uses techniques meant to alleviate pain and improve muscle balance and joint mobility.

Information and registration

By calling 699 6515 and 699 6545 or on site

at Tondi 84/3, 3rd floor of Audentes School, Tallinn

Registration for an appointment with Lauri Rannama: by calling 504 6584.

The patient’s personal ID code is necessary for registration.

In case you need to cancel the appointment / examination, please inform the appointment desk at Spordimeditsiini SA at least 24 hours in advance. When a patient fails to arrive for the appointment / health examination without cancelling it in advance, Spordimeditsiini SA shall reserve the right not to provide further services to the patient until the patient has paid for the missed appointment/examination according to the valid price list.


Priit Ailt

Sirli Hinn

Katre Lust-Mardna

Anastassia Šipilova

Kristiina Lind

Liina Latt  (on parental leave)


Kristi Singi

Physiotherapists’ appointments take place in cooperation with Füsioteraapia Kliinik OÜ.

Massage, local, 30 minutes28 €
Massage, general, 50 minutes45 €
Lymphatic massage, up to 55 minutesPhysiotherapist Anastassia Šipilova45 €