We help professional athletes
and fitness athletes
reach peak shape
and stay healthy
for 25 years.

Spordimeditsiini SA offers a range of sport and exercise medicine tests, treatments and consultations to fitness athletes, young athletes and professional athletes as well as anyone who practices or intends to start practicing any sport.

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Health examination for young athletes

A health examination for the purposes of sport and exercise medicine gives an overview of the young athlete’s health.

The primary objective of the health examination is to find out whether there are any contra-indications and/or limitations to doing sports.

The examination helps identify health risks that can cause injuries, illnesses or sudden death in the future.


Echocardiography or sonogram of the heart is the imaging test of the heart, which provides important information about heat size, structure and pumping function. 

Sports nutritionist

Nutritionist Kerstin Joandi (MSc, SENr Grad) specializes in health and sports nutrition. 


During the appointment, the physiotherapist can find a solution for a variety of complaints associated with the musculo-skeletal system, for example, pain that restricts daily activities or doing sport, decrease in muscle performance, an obstructed joint, or other problem.