Magnet therapy

Magnet therapy affects tissues by means of a low-frequency magnetic field. The therapy has a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effect, at the same time improving tissue blood supply and normalising metabolism. Due to its vasodilatory effect, magnet therapy is also suitable for patients with hypertension and elderly patients.

This is a medical procedure that can only be performed on the basis of a doctor’s referral (must be on paper).  

All appointments need to be pre-booked.

Indications for magnet therapy:

  • chronic muscle and joint conditions
  • post-traumatic conditions
  • varicose veins and vain inflammations
  • chronic skin conditions (psoriasis)
  • various inflammatory processes
  • bedsores
  • trophic ulcers

Contraindications for magnet therapy:

  • pregnancy
  • fever and other acute conditions
  • artificial cardiac pacemaker
  • malignant tumour
  • individual intolerance
  • severe hypotension
  • acute cerebral circulation disorder
  • metal implant


Magnet therapy is mostly prescribed in a series of 8 to 10 treatments. A treatment lasts 20 to 30 minutes.