SportEST Cluster

Health for Active Life Innovation Cluster SportEST is an association, which brings together different agencies, organisations and businesses operating in the sector with the intention of developing new innovative solutions in the field of health for active life.

Health for Active Life Innovation Cluster SportEST:

* is a cross-sector organisation connecting partners working in areas directly or indirectly related to increasing vitality of individuals and versatility of the living environment by promoting health for active life.

* unites partners and is carrying out activities in the following areas: medical services, beiotechnology, e-health, as well as sector-specific IT-solutions and communication. In order to ensure functioning of an integrated value chain the following support sectors have been involved in the process: providers of support services, equipment and/or accessories, educational, research and development institutions, technology development and competence centres, local government and state authorities, as well as all professional associations and overarching organisations.

* unites its members (consortium-based or intra-cluster) and external cooperation partners, who offer products and services and/or carry out activities that are directly or indirectly related to promotion of healthy lifestyle and healthy living environment by encouraging and developing innovations in active life and in the related areas (healthcare, medical biotechnology, ICT, e-health, sports, tourism, etc.).

* is the follow-up cluster of the Estonian Sports Medicine Cluster with expanded membership, strategic objectives and activities.

The efforts of the SportEST cluster are focussed on an individual, whose increased life expectancy and healthy life years are the key priorities at the international level, as well as in Estonia. The objective is to bring innovation to the sector with a view to harness cooperation for creating new solutions and making a powerful contribution into the development of health for active life, which each of the partners would not be able to tackle alone, as most of them are small or medium-sized businesses, while operating in a unique field within the sector.

The members contribute together into development of smart specialisation areas keeping their main focus on health services and technologies, e-health solutions and the related ICT sector.

During the period from 01.11.2015 to 31.10.2018 the project EU49304 of the Sports Medicine Foundation “Health for Active Life Cluster” is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund via the cluster measure.

The total value of the project is 1 192 000 euros, of which 596 000 euros is the subsidy.

* Health for Active Life Cluster is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

More information about the strategy of the Cluster is available here.

The Health for Active Life Cluster has 38 partners.