Electrocardiography or ECG is the recording of the heart’s bioelectric signals, which helps identify noticeable or indiscernible cardiac arrhythmia patterns and detect the markers put at risk by life-threatening arrhythmias. ECG is a diagnostic tool for heart failure, heart diseases and blood circulation disorders.

At Spordimeditsiini SA, we use 12-lead ECG recording.


Resting ECG is performed with the patient lying down. Electrodes are attached to the subject’s arms and legs, and 6 electrodes are attached to the chest. Men might need to shave the skin where the electrodes will be attached. During the test, the patient is to be as relaxed as possible; talking or moving is inadvisable. The test is absolutely safe for the patient, and the person does not feel the process of the ECG being recorded.

During the exercise test, 12-lead ECG is used as well, and the test is performed stationary exercise bicycle ergometer or on a treadmill. Electrodes are attached only to the chest.

No appointment booking is needed for resting ECG.

ECG is usually a part of a health examination package, but resting ECG can also be performed separately if necessary.