Orthopedic surgeon’s appointment

An orthopedic surgeon’s appointment could be of use to people with complaints concerning the musculo-skeletal system (bones, joints, ligaments, tendons or muscles) and to those who have had injuries resulting from an acute trauma or excessive strain.

An acute trauma is an injury that occurs after one particular traumatic episode. Injuries resulting from excessive strain are those that occur due to repeated microtrauma of one or more parts of the musculo-skeletal system as the result of long-term excessive strain.

Procedure of the orthopedic surgeon’s appointment

  • Conversation with the patient, history taking and recording.
  • Examination of the patient, devising the diagnostics and treatment plan, establishing the diagnosis.
  • Prescribing treatment.
  • Counselling for health maintenance and improvement.
  • Recommending medicines and issuing prescriptions.
  • Filling in documents that certify the rendering of the services.
  • Performing simple treatments, for instance, injections, bandaging.
  • Laboratory tests if necessary.

Patients are consulted by orthopedic surgeons specialising in sports injuries; the surgeons also perform orthopedic surgeries (including restorative arthroscopic surgeries on various joints; surgical treatment of muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries; surgical treatment of bone fractures; peripheral nerve decompression surgery).

The date and place of additional tests and, if necessary, of a surgery will be set by the orthopedic surgeon during the appointment.

A referral for the appointment is not necessary.

Information and registration

Tondi 84/3 (3rd floor of Audentes School)
11316 Tallinn
Phone: +372 699 6515, +372 699 6545
E-mail: admin@sportmed.ee

Karulaugu tee 13 (2nd floor of Karulaugu Sport Center)
74001 Haabneeme
Phone: +372 6557056

The patient’s personal ID code is necessary for registration.

Proper preparation is important before taking the exercise test. Please read the guidelines on the preparation for a young athlete’s health examination and an adult’s health examination.


Dr Eldur Annus

Dr Mihkel Mardna


Initial appointment with the orthopedic surgeon42 €
Repeated appointment with the orthopedic surgeon22 €
Children’s (up to 18) initial appointment with the orthopedic surgeon30 €
Children’s (up to 18) repeated appointment with the orthopedic surgeon15 €

Descriptions of health examination packages for young athletes are available here.

Descriptions of health examination packages for adults are available here.