Complaints settlement procedure

The basis for resolving and responding to complaints and proposals is the Response to Memoranda and Requests for Explanations and Submission of Collective Proposals Act, passed by the Parliament on 10 November 2014.




Complaints and suggestions must be submitted in writing.

In order to process a complaint and a proposal, it must state:

  • first and last name of the performer or first and last name of the representative;
  • the circumstances on which the complaint or proposal is based;
  • request and method of receiving feedback (by post or e-mail);
  • Contact details to send feedback to (postal address or e-mail address).

The complaint and the proposal may describe the problem in free form.

The complaint and proposal can be sent by post to Veerenni 51, 10138 Tallinn or by e-mail to or forwarded on paper to the reception of the Spordimeditsiini SA on all working days between 9.00 and 17.00.



The complaint and proposal shall be answered promptly in a manner appropriate to the submitter, but not later than within 30 calendar days of its registration.

Complaints and suggestions will not be processed in the following cases:

  • if submitted anonymously;
  • if the person who submitted it has limited active legal capacity and the court has appointed a guardian and the representative or person with limited active legal capacity has not submitted a complaint or proposal;
  • if the person does not express his or her wishes and it is not possible to find out by asking additional questions;
  • if the person is aggressive and behaves against good manners;
  • if the person manifestly abuses the right to be heard;
  • if the person has provided incorrect or inaccurate contact information;
  • if the person has clearly stated that he or she does not want a response to the complaint or proposal;
  • if the complaint or proposal has not been submitted in Estonian and the addressee is not obliged to respond pursuant to § 12 of the Language Act;
  • if the content of the complaint or proposal is not legible or comprehensible;
  • if responding to a complaint or proposal requires a change in the organization of the institution or body due to the large amount of information, hinders the performance of public tasks assigned to it or requires unreasonably high costs.

Complaints and proposals are processed by a member of the board or the administration.

If the complaint or proposal is understandable and substantiated, it shall be given to the relevant employee or employees of the Spordimeditsiini SA  for inspection and consideration.

If necessary, specialists in the respective field will be involved in resolving the complaint.

Reasoned complaints and suggestions shall be taken into account as far as possible in the organization of the work of the agency and in the preparation of action plans.

If the authority considers that it is not within its competence to consider, respond to, or provide the requested information and explanation, it shall inform the person and designate the authority or body that may have jurisdiction over the matter.

The authority reserves the right to invite the patient for further investigation in connection with the complaint. Refusal of a study can be considered as a patient’s fear that the complaint is unfounded.


If the complainant is not satisfied with the solution provided by Spordimeditsiini SA, the complainant has the opportunity to apply to:

Estonian Health Insurance                         Republic of Estonia Health Board
E-mail:                        E-mail:
Phone: (+372) 6696630                               Phone:  (+372) 794 3500                              


The procedure for resolving complaints of the Spordimeditsiini SA is reviewed once a year and if necessary, changes are made to increase patient satisfaction.



Mihkel Mardna

Board member