Adults’ health examination

A health examination for the purposes of sport and exercise medicine gives an overview of your health and performance capability. Health examinations are meant for professional athletes, amateur athletes and those who only intend to start doing sports. If you do sports or work out, we recommend you undergo a health examination for the purposes of sport and exercise medicine once a year.

The primary objective of the health examination is to find out whether there are any contraindications and/or limitations to doing sports. The examination helps identify health risks that can cause injuries, illnesses or sudden death in the future.

The health examination for the purposes of sport and exercise medicine comprises the following:

  • a questionnaire for general information and details about one’s health and athletic activities so far;
  • examination of the condition of various organ systems;
  • a blood test, anthropometric measurements, resting ECG and spirometry;
  • an exercise test on a stationary exercise bicycle ergometer, treadmill or rowing machine ergometer;
  • an ECG while exercising in order to monitor cardiovascular adaptation to exercise load;
  • evaluation of recovery processes;
  • determination of maximum oxygen consumption as well as anaerobic and aerobic threshold levels;
  • advice on exercise load and workout intensity;
  • assistance in choosing the right rest routine, dietary pattern and hydration pattern.

The overview and results of the health examination can help you or your trainer in devising a personal training plan.

Before coming to the health examination appointment, please look at the available health examination packages and choose the one you consider suitable. A referral for the health examination is not necessary.

Information and registration

Tondi 84/3 (3rd floor of Audentes School)
11316 Tallinn
Phone: +372 699 6515, +372 699 6545

Karulaugu tee 13 (2nd floor of Karulaugu Sport Center)
74001 Haabneeme
Phone: +372 6557056

We will need your personal ID code for registration.

Proper preparation is important before taking the exercise test. Please read the guidelines on the preparation for an adult’s health examination.


Dr Ants Kiviselg

Dr Muza Lepik

Dr Krista Lääne

Dr Pii Metsavas

Dr Katrin Raudsik

Dr Marge Šuman

Dr Meelis Vainu

Dr Virve Vask