Health examination packages

Within the prevention project of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, three health examination packages have been developed for young athletes. Whether you are going to have package A, B or C as your initial health examination depends on your training load and the nature of the sport.

Package A:

This health examination will approximately take half an hour.

Package B:

This health examination will approximately take one hour.

Package C:

  • All the items included in package B;
  • Additionally, a battery of oxygen consumption tests.

This health examination will approximately take 1.5–2 hours.

Package C is performed due to medical necessity or on young athletes who specialize in strength and endurance sports (for instance, canoeing, biathlon, cycling, middle and long distance walking, speed walking, decathlon, cross-country skiing, orienteering, Nordic combined, rowing, triathlon or swimming).

We also perform additional tests and examinations within the prevention programme if they are based on medical necessity or there is a relevant doctor’s referral.

Information and registration

Veerenni 51, Tallinn 10138
Phone: +372 699 6515


Karulaugu tee 13 (2nd floor of Karulaugu Sport Center)
74001 Haabneeme
Phone: +372 6557056


Or through online- registration platform

To register a young athlete, we will need their personal ID code and the number of training sessions per week.

Right preparation is important before taking the exercise test. Please read the guidelines on the preparation for a young athlete’s health examination.


Dr Leena Annus

Dr Ants Kiviselg

Dr Muza Lepik

Dr Krista Lääne

Dr Pii Metsavas

Dr Katrin Raudsik

Dr Marge Šuman

Dr Virve Vask