SEM doctor’s appointment

Sport and exercise medicine doctor’s appointment is the part of a health examination package during which the doctor and the patient cooperate to analyse the patient’s health background. The SEM doctor hears out complaints and, together with the patient, analyses the answers to the questionnaire filled in beforehand, concerning past diseases, injuries, (family) risk factors. The doctor also asks questions about the patient’s sport habits and lifestyle.

On the basis of the gathered information and results of the initial tests, the doctor performs an examination to evaluate the patient’s condition, measuring blood pressure and heart rate.

Unless there are any contraindications, the method (stationary exercise bicycle ergometer or treadmill) and extent of the exercise test is also agreed on. If possible, the exercise test is performed at once, or the patient is called back for another appointment. Contraindications to the exercise test are listed HERE.

Health examination overview

The health examination package is concluded with an overview analysis and discussion after the exercise test, when the doctor:

  • assesses the patient’s health condition, risk factors, exercise test results and, in case of repeated tests, their dynamics and provides the relevant overview;
  • gives recommendations concerning the training load, recovery, dietary pattern and daily routine;
  • if necessary, recommends additional tests, consultations or repeated tests.

The overview and results of the health examination can help the patient’s trainer in devising a personal training plan. The examination overview is given to the patient in hard copy after a short wait on site or sent by e-mail in an encrypted file (to be opened by means of the ID card).

A referral for the appointment is not necessary.

Information and registration

By calling 699 6515 and 699 6545 or on site

at Tondi 84/3, 3rd floor of Audentes School, Tallinn

The patient’s personal ID code is necessary for registration.

Proper preparation is important before taking the exercise test. Please read the guidelines on the preparation for a young athlete’s health examination and an adult’s health examination.


Dr Leena Annus

Dr Ants Kiviselg

Dr Muza Lepik

Dr Pii Metsavas

Dr Katrin Raudsik

Dr Meelis Vainu

Dr Virve Vask

Initial SEM doctor’s appointmentup to 30 minutes38 €
Repeated SEM doctor’s appointmentup to 30 minutes22 €

Descriptions of health examination packages for young athletes are available here.

Descriptions of health examination packages for adults are available here.